• PURCHASING SERVICE: We are pleased to offer our personal shopping service. Our riders can make purchases on a client's behalf, free of charge, for any item(s) totaling $100.00 or less. Compensation for total expenditures shall be added to the client’s subsequent invoice. For totals in excess of $100.00, we will add a fee equal to 5% of that total.

  • FINDER'S FEE: We reward those who help our business grow and are pleased to offer a commission to anyone who refers a new client to us. This commission reflects the total volume of deliveries we perform for that client in their first month using our services. You can choose to receive this in the form of credit towards future services or cash right back into your pocket! Ask us for details.

  • LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY: All packages transported by Clementine Courier are automatically insured up to $100.00. Additional insurance may be purchased for any item at the time of pickup. Clementine Courier, Inc. shall not be held liable for damages or lost profits in excess of this $100.00 from the loss, damage or destruction of uninsured packages while in transit or otherwise in the possession of Clementine Courier, Inc. or any of its agents.

  • LATE DELIVERIES: In the event that Clementine Courier is unable to deliver any package by the agreed-upon time, we will discount the cost of that delivery by (1) Service Level.