Hometown: NYC.
Bike: Felt TK3
Bag: Chrome Barrage Pro.
Interests: Drawing,  comic books,  cycling, corn dog casserole, video games and most importantly, nonsense.
Years of experience: On and off for 3 years. 
Gnarliest crash: I was in high school riding to hang out in the park. I stupidly went through a red light, car clipped my back wheel sending me into an 8ft. misty flip, hit ground. Totaled friend’s bike. Ow.
Why you are a messenger: Its fun, the people involved in the industry are great, my brother, whom I look up to is a veteran messenger, and, if I wasn’t, I’d probably be really unhealthy. Another huge point for me, just like a hot dog guy or a cab driver, messengers are a staple part of the city. I love New York,  so that to me feels pretty cool. 
Favorite food while working: Anything in a wrapper that’s ready to go OR takes 30 seconds to heat up… I find myself at 7-11 a lot.