JP Lynch

HOMETOWN: Manhattan, NY.
BIKE: Whatever I can cobble together from the parts bin.
BAG: “In the”
GNARLIEST CRASH: Doored while working in Australia.
WHY (how did you become) ARE YOU A MESSENGER: Tricked into it by my roommate.
FAVORITE FOOD WHILE WORKING: Jamaican Beef Patty or the nastiest thing on the hot bar.

Considered the most attractive member of the Clementine Family by many of our largest clients, John-Paul Lynch was born in a small suburb outside on the outskirts of mid-size Brazilian city, but has spent the majority of his young life in New Jersey, where he recently helped bust a violent underground cockfighting ring. Though he speaks mostly Portuguese, he is an enthusiastic participant in the vibrant culture of New York City. Very little else is known. Witness Protection Program?