Erik Castillo

BIKE: 70’s steel.
BAG: Secret menu Mer. 
INTERESTS: Spacetime.
GNARLIEST CRASH: Of the hypoglycemic variety.
WHY ARE YOU A MESSENGER: Heart condition.
FAVORITE FOOD WHILE WORKING: Falafel, spicy, to go.

With Erik, you never know what you’ll get, but you’re going to like it. An existential adventurer and cosmic pilgrim, Erik is as hard to define as either of those terms. Often described as “edgy”, Erik spent the majority of his young life setting trends, impressing fools, and taking names. Writing his magnum opus at the age of 12 (a 7,000 page love story set entirely in the bathroom of a one room schoolhouse in a pre-Cambrian communist dystopia), he would go on to suffer the loss of the writing credits for several popular hits to Johnny Cash in an illegal pre-Guliani Mahjong tournament.