The Ghost of Andy Brinck

HOMETOWN: Heart of Dixie
BIKE: Vintage Kinfolk track bike.
BAG: Dirty Old.
INTERESTS: Fire, Drinkin’, Cussin’, Hollerin’, Ruberneckin’, Causin’ a Ruckus, Campin’, The Woods, Huntin’, Fishin’, Camouflage and other Southern Things.
RACE HISTORY/TEAMS: Team #Budget, Team Checkpoint Worker.
WHY (how did you become) ARE YOU A MESSENGER: Climbing the Delivery Man Ladder (Walker, Cyclist, Moped-er, Van Driver, Truck Driver, Drug Smuggler, Human Trafficker, Dispatcher, Postmaster).
FAVORITE FOOD WHILE WORKING: Cigarettes and Grape Soda.

Our second most popular but first most charming messenger, Andy Brinck is believed to be half-man, half wood nymph, though this is unconfirmed. Coming to Clementine Courier from an elite NSA think-tank operating undercover in the deep-southern American town of XXXREDACTEDXXX, his bicycling speed and prowess is legendary, though he prefers to keep a moderate pace so as not to humiliate his coworkers. Having written the lyrics to many of your fathers’ and grandfathers’ favorite country ballads, he helped discover Penicillin, to which he is tragically allergic.