Same Day Delivery: $10
3 Hour Delivery: $15
1 Hour Delivery: $20
ASAP: $25
Please allow for an additional  

~4 min. per zone crossed.

~15 min. +8 min. per mile on jobs going to the outer boroughs.

~30 min. +8 min. per mile on jobs coming in from the outer boroughs.

Contact us for availability on ASAP and 1 Hours services to or from the outer boroughs.

Size & Weight
Standard: (0-1k in³) $0
Oversize: (1k- 2k in³) $5
2x Oversize: (2k-3k in³) $10
Standard: (0-10lbs) $0
Overweight: (10-20lbs) $5
2x Overweight: (20-30lbs) $10

Cargo Charge: $20 (any cargo too large to fit in bag – cargo bike needed)
Contact us for a quote regarding items that exceed these measurements.

Night Rate
After 5:00pm: $6
Waiting Time
First 5 Min.: $0
Per 5 Min. Thereafter: $4
Special Handling
Fragile, Liquid, Perishable: $5
Walk Up
Per 4 Floors: $5
Round Trip
Shipment returning to point of origin is assessed at 75% of initial outbound base rate.
Wrong Address
Within reason, misaddressed shipment counts as separate delivery and incurs full cost.

Manhattan Zones
Per Zone Crossed: $1
Outer Boroughs
Bridge Fee: $25
Per Mile Traveled: $4
>3 Miles: Round Trip

Our Terms
Late Deliveries
In the event that Clementine Courier is unable to deliver any package by the agreed-upon time, the cost of that delivery may be discounted by *1 Service Level* within 24 hours of completion, upon the client’s request.
Limitations Of Liability
All packages transported by Clementine Courier are automatically insured up to $100.00. Additional insurance may be purchased for any item at the time of pickup.
Clementine Courier, Inc. shall not be held liable for damages or lost profits in excess of this $100.00 from the loss, damage, or destruction of uninsured packages while in transit or otherwise in the possession of Clementine Courier, Inc. or any of its agents.